Saturday, March 1, 2014

5 Top Attributes of Top Leaders

1. They’ve experienced significant adversity in their lives. That’s why they don’t whine and complain; they know it doesn’t do any good. Instead, they become adept at either finding creative ways to resolve issues or brute forcing their way through and persevering. Either way works.

2. They have something to prove, but they’re not necessarily clear on who they need to prove themselves to or the origins of that need. Still, that voice inside their head often drives them in a desperate and persistent sort of way.

3. They believe they’re special, destined for great things. And, although they’re entirely wrong about that - we’re all the same, just flesh and blood people - the belief is often self-fulfilling.

4. They’re like pit bulls with a vision. Once they find something they’re very good at or passionate about, they latch onto it and won’t stop driving themselves and the company to new heights, usually in the name of a bold vision or goal.

5. They’re unusually smart and instinctive. They’re also adept, perhaps even Machiavellian, at using those attributes in the achievement of whatever it is that drives them purposely forward. And I mean that in a good way.

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